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Codefit is a great company with very talented and highly motivated team of software developers.
We have been working together for over a year and we had never produced so many innovative applications before. I am sure they will have a lot of success in future.

Gunnar Bock

Director Onboard Applications
AIDA Cruises

We are working together with codefit for one year now and I am still impressed. The guys don’t see problems – they just solve them. The combination of innovative ideas and the enthusiasm to put them into practice will help them to grow in the IT market.

Christian Lanz

Teamleader Software Development,

I must say that working with the guys from codefit is always a pleasure. The first time that I’ve worked with the was in 2014 for a project called Self-Checkin kiosk. They developed a very reliable and convenient systems that is so easy to use and maintain. After that, they also developed various software and programs for the company that up until now, very stable and useful for the daily business and user friendly. They also made a program called Seamless checkin where they developed an Application were we can checkin the Guests onboard using only with an Android Phone making our Checkin procedure very convenient, fast and stable. These are some of the programs that they have provided us and what we really admire from codefit is their dedication and commitment with their service. Their after sales support is really outstanding, they’re always available whenever we encounter some problems and they’re really fast when it comes to finding the solutions which is for me, the most important thing that an IT company should have when it comes to Technical Support. It’s always a pleasure working with IT professional like the guys from codefit and I would definitely recommend them to the people I know and promote them even more as great company like codefit is really hard to find. They have the most talented individuals and very innovative in developing solutions according to the company’s requirements

Jerome Ramirez

Senior IT Technician
AIDA Cruises