We're not afraid to innovate where others fail

Innovations come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common. They start as fuzzy ideas and take good context understanding and incremental efforts to become solutions that fit well. When it comes to remote environments, such as cruising ships, developing this understanding of context is extra difficult – and lack of it is a common reason why attempts at innovation fail.

At Codefit, we’ve come to understand that innovations don’t happen at a distance. The standard approach to software projects, where an abstract vision becomes a paper spec, which is then delivered, doesn’t scale well to distributed environments.

Which is why we work up close. We go in and make the difference between merely acceptable and truly awesome solutions. Before the development starts, we may do research in your target environment to identify features that may look good on paper, but are risky or don’t bring much business value in the context.

We then provide you with recommendations on how to finetune the requirements, so that you get a solution that is as simple as possible, but no simpler. This is key to solution reliability.

Next we develop the software, iteration by iteration, until it is ready to be deployed and verified in the target context. Once it is ready, we go in again to perform installation and staff training to see for ourselves what works and what should be improved. The conclusions become the basis for further solution development cycles.

Going through these cycles allows you to try out innovations step by step, from Proof of Concept to functional solution, without making large and risky investments. This effectively turns the loose-loose setting of large scale waterfall projects into a win-win scenario, where we can focus on what makes sense.

Once the solution proves its value, we make it robust, using our proven techniques for remote administration and by providing proactive support and maintenance services. At this point, we provide you with an IT solution that is stable in production use, but that can still evolve whenever there’s opportunity to enhance it.

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