We analyze

project ideas, no matter how well described. We ensure that the goals are well defined and clearly understood. We identify project stakeholders, go through their requirements and design an elegant solution.

We deploy

our solutions on-site, wherever the site happens to be. We’re not afraid to travel or shy away from dry docks. While we’re at it, we’ll train your crew, keep our eyes open for improvements and set things up for remote updates.

We support

you and your crew 24/7 over phone and email. We understand that business-critical solutions need meaningful support. We make sure there’s always someone there to answer the call who knows the ins and outs of the solution and the realities of its environment.

We develop

the software as needed to bring each solution to life. We integrate off-the-shelf products and components wherever it makes business sense – and everything else we code ourselves, including mobile apps and hardware integrations.

We maintain

modify and upgrade the solution from our office or on site – and we’re proactive at it. Anything we find during our solution deployment and use, we’ll bring up for discussion so that you always know what upgrades, extensions or spin-off projects could further increase your return on investment.

Technically speaking...

…we code for .NET (ASP.NET MVC, WebAPI, WPF, WCF), JavaScript/TypeScript (Angular, Ajax), Android, Swift.

…we integrate hardware: RFID, card and optical readers (i.e. Syris, Omnikey, CRT, Magtek, Desko); industrial printers big and small (Fuji minilab, RFID card, invoices and sales slips); input devices (touchscreens, signpads) and more.

…we know our way around databases (MS SQL, Oracle); optical recognition products (Cognitec, Microblink); hospitality products (Fidelio, Crunchtime, Vingcard, Papagena) and other services.

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